Who We Are...
Historic Communities and aging down towns offer the best opportunity to sell specialized products.  While strip mall proliferation traps retailers into ever shrinking markets, historic communities are becoming super regional magnets, attracting customers from great distances.  For the antique industry, such towns offer magnificent buildings, low costs, community support, and -- best of all -- marketing identity.  A dot on the map that reads Snohomish or Centralia, WA, or Lafayette, OR, spells Antiques to collectors across the country... and the world.

1982     The first NW antique mall opens, 27 dealers on the main floor of the near vacant 1926 Snohomish Armory. 
             Today, the Star Center Mall is a complete antique shopping center, 200 dealers, a furniture display area, 
             largest antique reference bookstore in the Northwest, restaurant, and owner operated shops.

1983     The first Antique Quarterly is published.  17 years later more than 60,000 collectors regularly receive the 

1986     A grand but neglected Elk's Lodge is transformed into a centerpiece for downtown Centralia's revival.  Today, 
           Centralia Square includes an 80 dealer antique mall, cafe, and owner operated shops.

1988     Idle 17 years, Lafayette's stately schoolhouse finds new life as Oregon's largest permanent antique display. 
             Currently 100 dealers fill three levels of the Lafayette Schoolhouse, offering a full city block of antique 
             shopping in Oregon's wine country.

1990     Centralia Antique Market opens.  Three floors and 50 dealers of antiques, including American Antique Furniture, 
             Keystone Antiques; and, now open, myAntiqueMall.com, a showcase mall for both Internet and real-world sales. 

1991     Our malls incorporate.  We choose the name "Shopping Destinations" because our customers come from 
             great distances, other states, even other countries.  The name reflects our commitment to the historic communities 
             in which we operate and the selection and value of the goods we sell.

1999     Shopping Destinations Inc. enters cyberspace with MyAntiqueMall.com, a free service to our 500 dealers. 
             With an Internet office in each mall, we have made a serious commitment to increasing our on-line identity.