Verlys of France

     Many of Verlys distinctively art deco patterns were never produced in the United States. Their quality and design compare with Lalique. Verlys of France is believed to have been in production from 1931 through the fifties. The American branch of the company signed the pieces "Verlys". Verlys molds used by Heisey in the 1950s are unsigned.  French production is usually signed "Verlys France" in the mold. Colors for both French and American (but not Heisey) include blue, topaz, amber, rose and opalescent.
     The "Les Disques" pattern bowl/charger shown below recently generated much e-mail from Verlys collectors who felt we improperly represented the piece as Verlys. The confusion is understandable. The "Les Disques" pattern was never produced in America. 

"Les Disques" bowl  SOLD

1935-1937 Verlys of France by Wayne & Carole McPeek includes black and white reprints of the 1931 and 1937 Verlys Catalogs. The 44 page book casts light on more than a few art glass mysteries. $22.50 at Collector's Bookstore.

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