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Crystal Perfume Bottles
These are perfume bottles that were sold empty, to fill with precious French fragrance. Pair of perfumes- one on either far side- depression green stoppers, no daubers, cut design in body of perfume, $165. Czech (marked) perfume with black stopper, floral motif on body and stopper, no dauber, $65. Really lovely lead crystal perfume bottle with gorgeous huge frosted stopper with floral motif, no dauber, Morley (sticker on bottom) perfume with gorgeous ruby stopper, no dauber, cut body, $65.00.
Victorian Calling Card Cases
No Victorian lady would have gone visiting without calling cards tucked inside an ornate little case just for them. These are absolutely excellent calling card cases. From top left: Incredibly detailed silhouette motif of a Victorian lady and gentleman enameled on a heavy brass card case. The jewel-like tiny dabs of red and green enamel look much like minute cabochon jewels. Ornate and miniscule scrolling gold design is also eye-catching. Priced at $145. The next card case has mother of pearl inlaid into a shell like back ground (may even be tortoiseshell, we simply aren’t sure). Opens with a push button, the lid then flips back. Priced at $295. The sterling case with chain has a clip for calling cards inside, along with springloaded slots for coins and a small mirror with a compartment behind it. The engraved design on the front is a very nice one, hand done, with the initial S in a diamond. The reverse has very ornate initials hand engraved, I believe they are LCS but hard to say; priced at $89.00.
Carriage Clocks
Clocks of any sort have been requested more and more we’ve noticed recently. These are all from around the late Victorian era. Carriage clocks were used in carriages as the name suggests. From left to right, brass carriage clock with key. Beveled glass panels all around. Roman numerals Sp 27, $450. Oval carriage clock with hand painted heart shaped face featuring a cherub, a bird, and a vine motif; Roman numerals. Dealer guarantees it to work. Beveled glass all around. $425. Laquered brass carriage clock with button feet and Arabic numerals. $400.00.
Limoges Chocolate Set
Though this was made about a hundred years too late, you could nevertheless picture Marie Antoinette using a similar set in her boudoir; Limoges styles indeed remained a lot the same over that time period. Enormous thirty nine piece set for serving hot chocolate, produced in the late 1800s, marked CFH / GDM France, Ch Field Haviland Limoges. The chocolate pot has an unusual handle, it is almost like a frying pan handle, sticking out at an angle. The whole set is lavishly gold encrusted, and the level of tiny detail in the gold decoration is just amazing. The background color is somewhere between a dark fuchsia, and a light pinkish burgundy. Set contains 1 chocolate pot, 1 cream, 1 sugar (all pictured), 9 demi cups (two in picture). Not in picture are 1 receiver, 12 small dessert size plates, and 12 saucers. $900.00.

Victorian Cranberry Glass

Victorian glassware is one of the perennially popular areas of collecting, with cranberry being one of the hottest. All of these pieces are 1860s-1890s. Left to right: vase, cranberry fading to amber towards the top, $170. Enameled Bohemian cranberry patch box, this is a truly fabulous item with impeccable enamel decoration and gold accents- $250. Vaseline fading to cranberry and opalescent Jack in the Pulpit vase with perfect enamel decoration, $250.

Flapper Era Antique Purses

Remarkable cross-collectable Scotty dog motif on a Lucite lid. Metal studded net bag, probably late ‘20s to early ‘30s. Truly a rare piece, priced at $195. The Whiting & Davis enamel-on-metal-mesh bags are becoming exceedingly difficult to find in recent years; this is the first one we’ve had in months. The jewel tone enamel is bright and undamaged, c.1920s. Priced at $275.00.

Alaskan Walrus Ivory
Star Center features a new dealer in space 157 who is selling her mother’s collection of Alaskan walrus ivory, which dates to the ‘60s. These are some of the truly special pieces, though she has a wide variety of price ranges represented. Carved charm bracelet- fifteen charm all together, they have black eyes and other details, priced at $305. Ivory necklace alternating with black bits- $190. Bracelet, on elastic, with green jade pieces on the front of the ivory links, $165.00.

Colored Heisey Glass
Heisey glass is incredibly collectable today, with the colored pieces in general being the most sought after; and indeed some colors are more collectable than others. Most colored pieces were produced in the ‘30s- ‘40s. Heisey Ipswich pattern Flamingo pink colored footed 10 oz soda glass, $135. Alexandrite purple/pink/blue is a dichroic color created with the addition of neodymium to the glass mix- the result is a color almost identical in color change properties to the gemstone. One of the most beautiful and collectable colors of Heisey- Heisey Empress pattern Alexandrite colored dolphin footed 10.5in bowl priced at $800. Cobalt blue is also quite hard to find. Heisey Cobalt Favor vase #4229 $310.00.

Antique watches
All of these watches aren’t just for telling time, they are jewelry in their own right. Several different time periods are represented here. The triangular watch is a sterling ‘20s enameled pendant watch, with original tango chain. Made by C. Bucherer, as marked on face. The reverse has matching guilloche enamel with flowers, and is lovely. Priced at $850. Ladies 14K white gold and diamond wrist watch, looks to be c.1930s by the style, the face is marked Hamilton 22 jewels. Winds. Ticks when wound. The delicate design is just lovely, almost looks Art Nouveau it is so graceful. There is some extremely fine millegrain decoration. 14 diamonds in band. 17 diamonds on face. $975. Paul Breguette 14K white gold men’s watch with diamonds in place of numbers on the face, probably c. 1940s. Says Paul Breguette Self Winding on front, and indeed, it seems to run fine when you twist the stem very gently just a bit. Black calf suede band. $725.00.

Lalique Crystal
Lalique signed without the “R”, just Lalique rather than R. Lalique, dates after WWII; this piece has the modern signature; nevertheless a lovely piece of glass and highly collectable. Lalique bowl with original box, and insert. Original sticker on bowl. The pattern is Kelapa, and it was originally priced at $805.00, still has the original price tag on the box. Priced at $239.00.

French Bronze Victorian Mirror
Amazing Victorian bronze mirror c.1878, signed Paris Paul de Courier, a noted French sculptor. Design features putti and foliage, and shows a marked Art Nouveau influence, despite the Victorian time frame of manufacture; the sculptor must have been ahead of his time. $479.00.

Trench Art Vases
Trench art was created by bored soldiers with whatever was on hand, usually empty shell casings and other ammunition. 13.5 inch shell casings, with hand hammered decoration. One side is identical- the tree branch type design- the other is different. $99.95 pair.

French Tete Jumeau Speaking Doll
Bisque dolls from France are the crème de la crème of doll collecting; this doll is one of the best, and her speaking mechanism makes her even more collectable. 20 inch French Tete Jumeau doll- the name is marked on the back of her head. Her eyes blink, she has teeny teeth too. She has pierced ears with tiny little faux dangling pearls. Wig has Shirley Temple curls. She has a mechanism in the torso activated by a pull string that says “Mama”. Some damage but still lovely. $4500.00.

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