Shelley Potteries Ltd emerged from the existing firm of Foley China Works in 1925; many of the original shapes created by the parent company continued to be used. Shelley operated in Stoke-on-Trent in England, in the Staffordshire region of England which has been a hot spot for pottery making for a very long time. The Dainty White shape is one that Foley created in 1896, and is one of the most common and lovely blanks used by Shelley to cover in decals. Shelley is often referred to as "chintz". Chintz of course is simply a term used by collectors to refer to an all-over dense floral decal pattern; most of the china referred to as Chintz is not nearly as high quality as Shelley- Shelley is fine bone china, whereas most other Chintz is earthenware based. Besides some dense Chintz pattern decals there are also less fussy, more subtle floral decals they used. Shelley has experienced a plateau in popularity in the past few years, which as we know makes it an excellent time to buy. Shelley went out of business in 1967.

All the Shelley pictured below is located in Star Center Antique Mall. Please email us at if you are interested in any pieces to purchase or ask any questions. Or call us at 360-568-2131, 10-5 PST.

Shelley Begonia cup & saucer. $59 sp 162.
Shelley Begonia 9.25 inch luncheon plate. $79 sp 162.
Shelley Blossom 5.5 inch basketweave pin dish. $69.50 sp 146.
Shelley Blue Rock cream & sugar. $75 sp 56.
Shelley Carnation cup & saucer- sold with a third piece not pictured, a tea size plate. $109 sp 146.
Shelley Davis Tulip cup & saucer $30 sp 27.
Shelley demitasse cup & saucer, Davis Tulip pattern. 2 3/8 inch cup, 4.5 inch saucer. $35 sp 27.
Shelley mini Floral Rose cup & saucer. 3 inch saucer, 1.75 inch cup. $239 sp 146.
Shelley Green Daisy Chintz 4.5 inch scalloped pin dish. $74.50 sp 146.
Shelley Jonquil 7.5 inch coffeepot. $235 sp 27.
Shelley Melody pattern decal on Cambridge blank. Gold trim. $128 sp 146.
Shelley Melody pattern decal on Cambridge blank. 7 inch tea plate. $65 sp 27.
Shelley Red Daisy covered butter dish. $275 sp 162.
Shelley Rose & Bluebell coffeepot. $225 sp 27.
Shelley Rosebud 2.5 inch egg cup. $55 sp 27.
Shelley Rose & Red Daisy coffeepot. Individual size at 7 inches. $450 sp 162.
Shelley Rose Spray covered butter dish. $250 sp 162.
Shelley Rose Spray cup & saucer. $89 sp 162.
Shelley Pink Summer Glory cup & saucer. $158 sp 149.
Shelley Wild Anemone cream & sugar on Dainty blank. 3 inch cream 2 inch sugar. $115 sp 146.
Shelley Yellow Charm mini cup & saucer. 1.75 inch cup, 3 inch saucer. $245 sp 146.

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