Noritake China
   Noritake first registered as a company in 1904; recently it opened a retail outlet in Woodburn, Oregon. Compare the difference! New pieces lack the delicate, translucence of "old" Noritake,... and the "new" is more expensive.
   Just arrived are several sets of Noritake from the Pre World War II period. These pieces have the "M in wreath" mark dating these sets 1917 through 1941. The M stands for the Morimura Family, the New York based distributors of Japanese made Noritake China. 
Upper Right: "Tree in Meadow" 1918 coffee/tea service for six $275
Lower Left: "Grandeur" 1939 service for six plus serving pieces $400
Collector's Encyclopedia of Noritake (199 pages) by Joan Van Patten. $19.95
Collector's Encyclopedia of Noritake, Second Series (199 pages) by Joan Van Patten. $24.95
Collecting Noritake A to Z, Art Deco & More (208 page) by David Spain. $39.95
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