Archive Page 22

Mother's Day Mottos and Prints

Heisey and Imperial Animals from Star Center Mall

Our Malls are Great Places to Find Vintage Hats

Vintage Rhinestone Jewelry from Star Center Mall

Popular Modern Toy Collectables in Original Boxes

Our malls carry lots of Disney Collectables

Royal Doulton Flambe from Star Antique Mall

New Dealer Gallery: Space 18 in Star Center Mall

Vintage Native American Prints from Star Mall

African Primitive Collectibles from Star Center Mall

c.1890s Loetz-type glass portrait vase

C.1860 Wedding Domes

c.1920 Rare Pinocchio Wooden Doll

c.1890's Victorian  bride's baskets

c.1900 Victorian cranberry glass vase

Rare 1920's Pacific Pottery Vase

c.1890 English Fire Bucket

c.1920 "Cleopatra" by L. Goddard

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