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Limoges Oyster Plates

"Victorians devoured raw oysters by the bushel full. And 19th century hostesses required appropriate tableware on which to serve the luscious bivalves.

Today, while raw oyster eating is not quite the fad it once was, the colorful and varied plates produced in European and American factories during the mid to late 19th century continue to attract collectors.

In the Pacific Northwest, oysters are still a popular seafood choice; however, even if you shudder to think of eating such a slimy creature you can still create a lovely display of oyster plates from such famous makers as Haviland/Limoges, Wedgwood and Minton. In fact, the collecting of oyster plates seems to be escalating as their use diminishes. The amazing variety of shapes, colors, and decoration makes for a spectacular wall or cabinet display."  READ MORE

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