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Before the dawn of air conditioning, folks would just prop their front door ajar with a doorstop. Introduced in the mid-1800's, doorstops were usually handpainted and covered a huge range of subjects.

1)8x5 inch c.1930's "Mutt and his Bone" $179.00
2)12x7.5 inch Hubley c.1930's Aunt Jemima
3)8x7 inch Fred Everett for Hubley "Geese"
Amphora Pottery
Produced by Ernest Wahlis in Teplitz, Bohemia, a major center of pottery design during the turn-of-the-century, this beautiful Art Nouveau centerpiece brings together a number of popular motifs: Nymph-like ladies hold up the edges of a flowing floral pond filled with elegant swans. Very rare, and in excellent condition, this double-sided c.1920's piece is accented with a wonderful gold gilt. It is marked "Teplitz"  $259.00.  

Art Glass
Numerous companies in the 1950's were devoted to producing bright vibrant glass colors and functional (but beautiful) products. To the left are three great examples of this. The 13 inch Amberina pitcher on the far left, which was produced in the 1960's in West Virginia, is also embossed with an eagle design. It is priced at $22.00. The 5 inch c.1950's Pilgrim Glass Co. vase in the middle features a very fine cracking throughout leading to the term "crackle glass." It is priced at $12.75. The 8.5 inch Kanawha Glass Co. blue flask c.1950's is embossed with a sailing ship, and priced at $36.00.    
Aladdin Lamps
Produced by the Mantle Lamp Company beginning in 1908, Aladdin Lamps have been produced in over 18 models and more than 100 styles.  Initial production was primarily oil lamps, but from the 1930's to the 1950's the Mantle Company found a new direction for success. As electric light spread across rural America, Aladdin became the  number one manufacturer of electrical lamps in  the world. The Aladdin Mantle Lamp Company is still in operation today in Clarksville, Tennessee. The lamp to the right is made in a pink opalescence reminiscent of The Cambridge Glass Company's Crown Tuscan color. Figural lamps by Aladdin are some of the most highly prized. This one is priced at $450.00.

German Bisque
Produced primarily around the turn-of-the-century into the 1940's, these German bisque whimsical figurines showcase many of the popular fashions of the time. Bisque is a soft porcelain that

1) 7 inch spill vase lady $80.00
2) 8 inch boy figurine $185.00
3) 6.5 inch couple $72.00
4)  7 inch "Grandma" $85.00
Indian Prints
Native Americans were one of the more popular motifs used by American illustrators in the early 20th century. Photographers like Edward Curtis gained fame by documenting many different tribes, and most likely helped popularize the phenomenon. One of the most well-known illustrators, Atkinson Fox, used the American Indian in numerous drawings for books and magazines. The two prints here are very representative of the type of art produced in the 1920's.
Left: 12.5x17 inch End of the Trail print $85.00
Right: 15x12 inch Indian Maiden print by
          Goddard $95.00

Ivory Chess Set
This 32 piece light and dark ivory chess set is meticulously carved. Each piece stands 3 to 6.5 inches tall. The original box is lined with purple and white satin. Priced at $1260.00.
Lenox Porcelain
Once known as The Ceramic Art Company, located in Trenton, New Jersey, the name was changed in 1906 to reflect management changes. The new company was called Lenox Inc. and has been a manufacturer of some of the most popular dinnerware of all. Lenox is the official china of The White House. Examples of their fine craftmanship can be seen in this modern pair of 8 inch Lyre Collection (green mark) candlesticks, $75.00, and gold edged 13.5 inch platter, $39.50.   

Stanley Planes
Vintage woodworking tools are one of the most popular areas of collecting these days.  With the age of industrialization and mass-production, many hand-crafting tools have gotten harder to find. These Stanley tools hearken back to a period in history when  artisans outnumbered  machines. 
Left to Right: #20 plane $130.00, #113 type 4 plane $180.00, #113 type 1 plane $175.00.
Cambridge Glass
The Cambridge Glass Company in Ohio produced extremely beautiful elegant glass from  1901 to 1958.  This pair of two-lite clear glass  7x5 inch candelabras with floral etch on the base are from the 1930's and are priced  at $100.00.

Portrait Plates
Portrait plates are exactly what they sound like, portraits of beautiful young ladies posing. Often the pictures are transfer designs but the rarest and most valuable are handpainted. Most of the portrait plates we see in our malls date from around 1900, but the genre, of course, has a very long history.  The art on portrait plates is usually quite meticulous with wonderful shadows, Art Nouveau borders, and detailed features.  Left to Right: Royal Vienna "Felicitas", Royal Vienna "Amoroga," $90.00 each.
Vintage Coins
One of the most popular collectables of all time, vintage coins encompass such a large area, many collectors are forced to narrow their interests to one particular niche of the genre.  Some folks prefer very early coins. Some prefer modern. Others look for errors or rare numbers. Antique silver dollars are particularly sought after. This original book contains a collection of Susan B. Anthony dollar coins dating from 1979 to 1981. It is priced at $315.00.

Rookwood Pottery, out of Cincinatti, Ohio, is among the top three most well-known early American art pottery companies. Their production lines were many and varied, ranging from tiles, figurals, dinnerware, and art pieces. Rookwood's pottery glazes, matte or high gloss, are reknowned to collectors the world over. Established in 1879, Rookwood produced pottery until 1967 when economic pressues finally lead to the closing of the factory. The 6x6 inch rosish-brown "Rook" bookend #2271 is priced at $215.00. The flame mark on the base indicates the date of production as 1946. 
Vintage Advertising
Advertising: We see it everywhere, on signs, throwaway fliers, brochures, store displays, magazines, posters, product packaging; virtually anyplace that advertisers expect we might be looking. The goal is to keep their product in the top of our minds. As annoying as being bombarded by consumer culture from all sides might be, as time goes on, many of these advertising items take on a new meaning to us.  Products long gone that we once used, or character logos like Mr. Peanut or the RCA dog Nipper that we remember as children, provoke moments of nostalgia. Vintage advertising items, even if they once only represented some companies hopes of getting into our pocketbooks, now remind us of a different period in our lives.

1) 12x30 inch "Triple 16 Cola" aluminum sign

2) 9.25 inch high 1960's "7-Up" 6-pack $45.00.

Antique Musical Instruments
Beginning with piano lessons as a kid, or maybe taking up a brass instrument in band class, or perhaps just jamming out on a guitar at home after high school, most of us have memories of some particular musical instrument that was either beloved in our youth or absolute torture.  However, looking at the dwindling number of quality music collectables on the antique market, it seems that those that found a love for music vastly outnumber those who felt tortured. Violins, banjos, saxophones, and most other vintage instrument are being snatched up quickly these days. It is not unusual to see manufacturer-marked high-end instruments fetch in the $1000's. This c.1920's German violin with original (restrung) bow and original case was restored in April 1996 (receipt included). The price is $200.00.
Vintage Toys
Admit it, your Tonka toys (if you ever played with Tonka toys) never looked anywhere as good as they did the first day out of the box. After that, dragged through the backyard, used as slingshot/capgun firing practice, tossed around till all the small pieces were lost, they became just another toy to be left outside overnight. This impeccable example of a 30 inch #5 Tonka fire truck with all stickers intact and all its original parts, has everything necessary to bring back that fresh out-of-the-box Tonka feeling (except the box.) It is priced at $415.00. 

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