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Vintage Jadite Glassware

"Jadite was first coined by the Jeannette Glass company and refers to a color of glass, not a company or pattern. 
It is a milky green, opalescent dinner, restaurant and kitchenware manufactured by a host of companies.

Jadite was manufactured by many companies from the 1930's to 1972. Jadite is occasionally referred to as "clambroth" a term also used
 for opaque white glass. Each company produced a slight variant either lighter or darker of jadite's basic seafoam -green color.

Jadite was heavy, durable, inexpensive and, sometimes it was even free. It was often packaged as a giveaway in food and cleaning products.
Restaurants served meals on jadite dishes, as they cost pennies to buy and had a high threshold for breakage.READ MORE

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McKee Jade-ite footed tumbler. 3 3/8” tall. Space 06, inventory 420. $25.00.

Scalloped Jade-ite flower pot. 3.5” tall. Space 10, inventory 16799. $35.00.

McKee Jade-ite mixing bowl with spout (rough rim). 7.25” across. Space 10, inventory 34767. $35.00.

Fire King Jade-ite utility bowl with handle. 7.25” across. Space 10, inventory 167466. $75.00.

Fire King Jade-ite “Charm” sugar bowl. 3.25” across. Space 10, inventory 16791. $17.50.

Fire King Jade-ite “Alice” saucer (quantity: 2). 6” across. Space 10, inventory 16791. $6.50 each.

Fire King Jade-ite “Jane Ray” lunch plate (quantity: 2). 9” across. Space 10, inventory 16789. $12.50 each.

McKee Jade-ite refrigerator lid. 5” x 8” across. Space 15, inventory H2499. $29.00.

McKee Jade-ite refrigerator dish base. 4” x 5” across. Space 15, inventory D2500. $22.00.

McKee Jade-ite circular refrigerator dish lid (quantity: 2). 4.25” across. Space 15, inventories D2497, D2496. $20.00 each.

McKee Jade-ite circular refrigerator dish base and lid. 5.25” across. Space 15, inventory D2498. $59.00.

Fire King Jade-ite restaurant cup and saucer set. Cup: 3” tall, saucer: 6” across. Space 15, inventory D2392. $22.50.

Fire King Jade-ite restaurant mug (quantity 6). 3.5” tall. Space 15, inventories D2559, D2562, D2558, D2557, D2567, D2563. $12.50 to $24.50 each.

Fire King Jade-ite “Jane Ray” serving bowl (quantity: 2). 8.25” across. Space 15, inventories D2487, H188. $42.50, $38.50.

Fire King Jade-ite batter bowl. 7.5” across. Space 15, inventory D2600. $65.00.

Fire King Jade-ite “Swirl” mixing bowls (quantity: 3). 9”, 8”, and 7” across. Space 15, inventories Z5, Z3, D1942. $44.50, $38.50, $32.50.

Fire King Jade-ite “Swirl” large mixing bowl. 9” across. Space 15, inventory Z4. $44.50.

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