Absolutely gorgeous Weller Sicard vase, quite tall for this line at 9.5 inches. Has the beautiful iridescent glaze typical of Jacques Sicard's designs. This glaze tends towards the purple/red side, at least towards the top. Has the abstract paisley type design all over. This particular example isn't marked, but there is no doubt as to the authenticity. Jacques Sicard produced the Sicard line for Weller Pottery from 1901-1909, and to my eye, it shows a marked Art Nouveau influence, in the designs painted into the glaze most particularly, though the blanks themselves are mostly plain classical type shapes. For a French designer at that particular time, it would make sense that he was influenced by the Art Nouveau movement. Anyway, this particular lovely vase does have one small flake in the glaze on the bottom rim- the pic makes it look much more noticeable than it is, since my camera has a wonderful macro lens, it will pick up those flaws and magnify them quite well. The flake doesn't actually touch the pottery- just a sliver of the glaze itself is missing. The chip is 1/4 inch by 1/8 inch. There are also some scratches lightly in the glaze, again, the macro lens makes it look way worse than it does in person. It took me about 5 minutes to actually find the chips and scratches on this piece, when I first handled it; it really isn't that noticeable in person. Otherwise excellent condition. $900.00. Space #6 in Star CEnter Antique Mall in Snohomish, WA. myantiquemall@gmail.com / 360 568-2131