Mid-Century Figural Heisey and Imperial Clear Glass Animal Figurines

"The A. H. Heisey company produced elegant glassware for practical usage from 1896 to 1957 in Newark, Ohio. The glass they created was not cheap
when it was made, and it showed up in many a bride's registry. They began producing press-molded glass from older 'Early American Pattern Glass' molds,
and moved on to make the beautiful, delicate glass that people often term crystal* today.

While some of the colors the company produced resemble so-called "Depression glass", and they did produce glass in the Depression, Heisey glass
could not be more different from the dimestore giveaway stuff that collectors now search out and term Depression glass. Heisey is "Elegant glass", stuff
that wasn't cheap when it was made and had considerable hand finishing that went into its production, from blown portions to fire polishing, making
its quality inherent. Unmelted 'seeds' of sand are unusual, and bubbles are rare. The thin walls of cups and stems also tell a different tale than the clunky,
often imperfect Depression glass.

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Heisey or Imperial Large Standing Horse. Space #180. Star Mall. $110.00.

Heisey or Imperial Colt. Space #180. Star Mall. $58.00.

Heisey or Imperial Plug Horse. Space #180. Star Mall. $68.50.

Heisey or Imperial Rooster Vase. Space #180. Star Mall. $180.00.

Heisey Wings Down Goose. Space #180. Star Mall. $71.50.

Heisey Wings Up Goose. Space #180. Star Mall. $71.50.

Heisey Figural Fish. Space #180. Star Mall. $85.00.

Heisey or Imperial Horsehead Bookend. Space #180. Star Mall. $122.50.

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