Quadruped Plates
Brothers John and Ralph Hall produced the Quadruped pattern from 1802 through 1832.  Their wares were sold primarily to the North American market. The quadruped is defined as a "mammal with four feet." The platter below is known as "Moose and Hunters" platter. At the bottom of the page are two "Lion" pattern plates. From 1822 to 1832, after the partnership between brothers disolved and their children took over, the business became known as Sych pottery, Burslem. There were three marks used: IHALL, IHALL & SONS, and HALL.

This rare 15x12 inch platter is available for purchase from Space #116 at
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We also have two (2) LION Quadruped plates available. $675.00 each in space 43.

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