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Hall Cobalt WindShieldTeapot
"Robert Hall founded the Hall China Company of East Liverpool, Ohio, in 1903; sadly he died within a year of its creation, and his son, Robert T. Hall, took over. The first production items were functional white ware: spittoons, jugs and a small amount of dinnerware.

Robert T. Hall was obsessed with finding a lost Chinese process dating to the Ming dynasty which would allow the non-lead glazed china to be fired just once, but would create a strong, craze-proof finish. He finally recreated the process in 1911, and began experimenting with dinnerware. (Some of their earliest dinnerware looks remarkably like Haviland Limoges, incidentally.) The focus remained on institutional lines, at that point in time. It wasn’t until 1930, when a new plant was built, that the lines most popular with today’s collectors came into the fore." Read More on the History of Hall China

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Hall China Cobalt Gold Rose Decorated Windshiled 6 cup Teapot.
Star Mall. Space 49a. $135.00.

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