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Antique Flow Blue China

"Flow blue is a style of stoneware, sometimes porcelain, that originated in the Victorian era, sometime in the 1820s, among the Staffordshire potters of England. The name is derived from the blue glaze that blurred or "flowed" during the firing process. Most flow blue ware is a kind of transferware, where the decorative patterns were applied with a paper stencil to often white-glazed blanks, or standard pottery shapes, though some wares were hand painted. The stencils burned away in the kiln. The blue glazes used in flow blue range from gray-blue to sometimes greenish blue, to an inky blue; however the most desirable and sought-after shade is a vivid cobalt blue. Mulberry is another form of flow blue, where the glaze is more purple in hue." Source

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Watteau Doulton Flow Blue oval bowl. 10” across. Space 06, inventory 618. $79.00.

Meakin Colonial Flow Blue platter. 14” across. Space 06, inventory 425. $129.00. 


Clarence Flow Blue bread and butter plates (quantity: 4). 5.75” across.
Space 12, inventory 7438, 7438A, 7438B, 7438C. $29.50 ea.

Adams Fairy Villas Flow Blue butter pat. 3.25” across. Space 33, inventory E7879. $30.00.

Adams Fairy Villas Flow Blue covered vegetable dish. Dish with lid:
12.25” across. Space 33, inventory E8876. $175.00.

Vintanka Flow Blue tea cup and saucer (quantity: 2). Cup: 4” across; saucer: 6” across.
Space 43, inventory C4099. $49.50 ea.

Chatsworth Flow Blue plates (quantity: 8). 9.5” across.
Space 43, inventory C3910-9. $94.50 ea.

Watteau Doulton Flow Blue oval platter. 10.75” across. Space 06, inventory 619. $79.00.


Watteau Flow Blue serving bowl. 9” across. Space 43, inventory C3910-9. $96.50.

Abbey Flow Blue tea pot. 4.5” tall. Space 43, inventory C3894. $319.50.

Abbey Flow Blue jam jar with lid. 5.25” tall. Space 43, inventory C3899. $162.50.

Staffordshire Flow Blue bone dish (quantity: 5). 7” across. Space 06, inventory 163. $60.00 ea.

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