Vintage American Converse c.1900s Dollhouse

"A dollhouse is a toy home, made in miniature. For the last century, dollhouses have primarily been the domain of children
but their collection and crafting have also fascinated a large number of adults. The very same dollhouses often appeal to both groups
but very young children (age 3 years and under) should be restricted from access to the great majority of these domestic
replicas because of choking hazards.

Today's doll's house traces its history directly back about four hundred years to the "baby houses" of Europe. The baby houses were
cabinet display cases made up of rooms. The cabinets were built with architectural details and filled with miniature household items
 and were solely the playthings of adults. They were off-limits to children, not because of safety concerns for the child but for the dollhouse.
Such cabinet houses [1] were trophy collections owned by the few matrons living in the cities of Holland, England and Germany who
were wealthy enough to afford them, and, fully furnished, were worth the price of a modest full-size house's construction." Read More

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Converse 1900s dollhouse - all original / no repairs - Space #15. Star Mall. $599.00.
Victorian rag doll. Space #15. Star Mall.  $35.00.

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