Join the Northwest's original antique mall network!  Our locations individually and collectively market over 125,00 sq. ft. of quality antiques and collectables.
*Professional Staff:  Founded in 1982, we offer the oldest and most experienced antique shopping centers.  We understand our customer and encourage each member of our staff to develop different areas of product specialization.  Staff floor time is complimented by research, maintenance of customer request lists and inventory assessments.
*Advertising:XXXXX National advertising includes display ads in toy, glass and general line publications.  Advertising in regional publications is supplemented with the annual distribution of 150,000 color brochures at hundreds of major tourist destinations.  We keep contact with repeat customers with regular mailing of inventory lists and our Antique Quarterly newspaper, produced by our marketing staff. 
*Facilities:XXXXXXX Prominent historic buildings provide the ideal setting for large antique furniture displays, smaller booths filled with collectables, and lighted showcases filled with valuable smalls.  The malls are well lit, air-conditioned and offer public restrooms.
*Services:XXXXXXX Dealers receive a monthly computer statement itemizing each sales transaction.  Out of state dealers are provided receiving and storage facilities.  All malls have security systems.  A monthly newsletter explains sales trends and mall updates.
*Internet:XXXXXXX There is absolutely no cost to dealers in our malls to sell items through our website  We look at the web as simply another tool for advertising and selling your specialty and high end merchandise. Access to our confidential Dealer News allows you to read the monthly dealer newsletter, see what we are selling on our website, take advantage of contact information for estate merchandise provided to us by customers, as well as the ability to print out price tags online.
*Costs:XXXXXXXX A maximum 12% commission is charged on each transaction.  An additional space rent is charged, ranging from $65/mo. for a showcase and $1.25/sq. ft. for a booth.  Average dealer space rent is $140/mo.  There are no additional charges for credit card fees, layaway storage, advertising, bags or tags - everything is included.
We desire experienced, knowledgeable dealers who share our commitment to honest product representation.  If you have the inventory, we encourage your thoughtful investigation of our malls.

Shopping Destinations, Inc.