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Antique Cut Glass

"Cut glass actually goes back at least to ancient Rome, as early as the first century. Cut glass was made in England starting in 1850,
and was prominently featured at the famous Crystal Palace Exhibition in London in 1851. Belgium and Bohemia also displayed at this exhibition, the
cut glass of these two countries being more intricately cut than that shown by conservative England and America. Many of the glass cutters
employed by American factories about this time originally came from Europe. Because of this, American cut glass of the period resembled
the cut wares from abroad." READ MORE

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c.1910 Signed Hoare Cut Glass Bowl. Perfect Condition.
Star Mall. Space #184. $45.00.

c.1890 10 inch tall Trumpet heavy cut brilliant vase. Perfect condition.
Star Mall. Space #186. $255.00.

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