Victorian Cranberry Glass

Cranberry glass is a lovely deep pink red color. Do not confuse true cranberry with the "flash" color of the same name. Cranberry flash is just a thin layer of color over clear glass- it usually has a hint of gold iridescence, and simply looks less deep. Comparing two pieces side by side is helpful- once you've had a look at cranberry and cranberry flash side by side you'll be able to detect the difference fairly easily.

Cranberry glass is precious to collectors- indeed, the formula is reputed to contain gold. Some cranberry pieces are blown glass, usually detectable by the pontil mark on the bottom (polished or unpolished). Others are molded, or mold blown- these usually have shapes that you cannot acheive through blowing alone, possibly also mold marks, and usually no pontil (unless it's mold blown, a combination of both techniques, wherein a piece is literally blown into a mold).

Cranberry became popular some time after the American Civil War, and continued to be consumed through the end of the Victorian era. Today, the Fenton glass company does a lovely Victorian style true cranberry glass, which is thankfully marked on the bottom with their logo.

The first five pictures below are representative of the lovely Victorian glass that our new dealer in space 168 in Star Center Mall has brought. They stock other Victorian and art glass besides just cranberry, however.

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From left to right: 7 inch hand blown cranberry cruet with clear glass applied handle and hollow clear glass stopper. Rough pontil. $225. 7.5 inch hand blown cranberry souvenir pitcher. Clear applied lip and handle. Unpolished pontil. Great white enamel relief decoration reading "A Present from Broadstairs", priced at $225. Finally a 6.5 inch lidded cranberry jar with applied clear finial. Hand blown, has rough pontil mark. Lid has some damage, not visible when on jar though (a few small nicks and a short crack). $175. All in sp 168.

From left to right: 6 inch cranberry sugar shaker with silver lid. Lid is marked England. Plate? If so it's not damaged at all. Has cut facets. There is a small nick on the bottom edge, priced at $125. 7 inch cranberry tumble up set (for example used for beside a bed at night). No pontil so maybe molded. Priced at $225. 7.5 inch cranberry perfume bottle. Shades delicately from deep deep cranberry up top to a pale rose below. Cut facets on bottle. Cut faceted stopper. Stopper fits really well, but has a few nicks. $250. All in sp 168.

7 inch (includes handle) cranberry jar with silver handled top, with spoon on side, and a lid. The lid matches in design and fits tight. The silver fittings are loosely set on the glass part- they are not attached. Lovely enamel flower design. $250. Mini 9 inch tall cranberry kerosene lantern. Clear chimney and clear applied handle, priced at $305. 6 inch (including handle) cranberry relish with spoon on side.Silver rim, handle, and spoon. Enamel flower decoration. $180. All in sp 168.

6.5 inch cranberry bud vase with lovely decorative top edge. Blue and gold enamel flower decoration. $175. 10 inch (including frame) cranberry pickle castor. Has a nice optic to it, as well as a pontil, so probably mold blown. No mark on frame but probably quad plate. Some roughness to both rims (lid and top edge of jar). Tongs that look like a match. The frame fits the jar perfectly and the jar is an odd shape, so I doubt it's a marriage; priced at $625. 6.5 inch cranberry bud vase with lovely edge. Also has applied clear ruffle, and clear foot. Rough pontil. $200. All in sp 168.

6 inch cranberry pitcher with two 4 inch tumblers. Gilt and enamel decoration. Clear applied handle. One tumbler has some damage to rim- nicks. $275 for the set. All in sp 168.

7.5 inch cranberry thumbprint barber bottle, no stopper. $225. 8.5 inch cranberry thumbprint tumble up set, with rough pontil. Small nick on tumbler. $125. 7 inch cranberry thumbprint cruet with clear faceted stopper, $149. Short crack near lip. All in sp 9.

9 inch cranberry pitcher- fades from deep cranberry around the ruffled rim to a clear near the base. Quilted. Polished pontil. Applied handle. $225. 7 inch cranberry cruet with clear hollow stopper and clear handle. Blown, rough pontil. $149. 7.5 inch cranberry pitcher with clear handle. $165. All in sp 9.