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Thornton Burgess "The Adventures of Old Man Coyote." c.1917. Space #128. $55.00.
Thornton Burgess "Mother West Wind 'Why' Stories. c.1923. Space #128. $45.00.

 Disney's "Fantasia" c.1940 First Edition. Space #93. $350.00.

"The Mysterious Stranger" by ark Twain. 1st edition. c.1916. Space #128. $285.00.

Autographed Jimmy Carter Autobiography "Always a Reckoning." Space #98. $89.00.

"Nevada" by Zane Grey. c.1926. Space #94. $24.00.

"Story of Little Black Mingo". Space #109. $180.00.

Gene Stratton-Porter "Laddie: A True Blue Story." c.1913. Space #128. $30.00.

Don Blanding Books from Space #83. $22.50 each.

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