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Consolidated Glass Co. Satin Quilted Rose Biscuit Jar 
Space #168

c.1910 Antique English Marked Biscuit Jar with Desert Motif 
$65.00  Space #11

c.1890 Pink and Cream Colored Doulton-Burslem Marked Biscuit Jar Space 
Space #168  $550.00


C.1910 English Cobalt Handled Marked Biscuit Jar
Space #24  $142.00

c.1910 Handpainted Cobalt and Floral Handled Biscuit Barrel 
Space #24  $185.50

Price Brothers c.1940's Cottageware English Biscuit Jar with Wicker Handle
Space #51  $89.50

Mold #502 R.S. Prussia Floral Biscuit Jar
Space #118  $365.50

C.1940's Duncan Miller Glass Block Biscuit Jar 
Space #72  $50.00

8 inch c.1940's Covered Ivory Biscuit Jar with Gold
Space #118  $46.50

Homer Laughlin c.1940 Kitchen Kraft Floral Biscuit Jar
Space #89  $95.00

Austrian Marked Biscuit Jar with Transfer of Woman Sculptor
Space #69  $165.00

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in Snohomish, WA

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