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Showcase #150

From war memoribilia to American Art Pottery to Victorian mirrors,vintage toys, and turn of the century samplers, it's amazing how much a single showcase can offer.

Star Center Antique Mall / Snohomish, WA

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From Left to Right: American Art Pottery Candlesticks: 4 inch Fulper $135.00, 6.5 inch
Rookwood c.1921 $75.00, 8 inch c.1900 German Santa decoration $200.00,
16.5x9 inch Austrian barometer with enameld insets $275.00,
7.25 inch Vision baking powder advertsing tin $55.00.

Working marked "Gaggini" French pocket Barometer with original case $135.00.

From Left to Right: 10x14 inch c.1830's sampler $250.00, 7x5 inch c.1800's leather bullet case $50.00,
9x7 inch Donald Duck Disney "Choo-Choo" toy $150.00.

7 inch c.1900 German child's plate with girls and clown $75.00.

From Left to Right: 12x5 inch rare vintage "Glasbake" advertising sign $100.00,
"Space" lunchbox by Thermos $125.00.

From Left to Right: 9.25 inch c.1900 Majolica fish pitcher $150.00, 7x4 inch Roseville "Morning
Glory" vase $425.00, 7x16 inch Coca-Cola thermometer c.1920's $175.00.

From Left to Right: 3x3.75 portrait of lady on ivory late-1800's $225.00, 6x6.5 Quimper
Trivet / Tile $100.00, 15 inch "Ceresota" flour rag doll c.1900 $225.00.

From Left to Right: 4.5 inch Royal Bayreuth fish pitcher c.1920s $195.00, 9x15 inch Staffordshire
"Robin Hood" c.1890 pottery figurine $235.00, 4x3.5 inch Stangl German Cliff Sparrow $150.00.

From Left to Right: 10 inch rare Railraod plate "Mimbreno" plate $159.00, 4.5x5 inch Steuben
gold aurene shade $250.00, 7.5 inch very rare yellow ware ladle $395.00.

From Left to Right: 10 inch Vienna Arts plate Mucha-style $95.00, 4.5x7 inch indian chalk wallpocket
c.1900 $95.00, 13.5x11 inch Wallace Nutting colored photo "The Storm Churn" $150.00.

11x9 inch wooden noise maker from WW1 marked "For use as gas alarm only" $70.00.

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Rare 17.5x5 inch wooden carved eagle early-1800's $325.00.