Frequently Asked Questions by Customers

What if I want to know more about an item, or see more pictures?
We always welcome questions. If you see an item on our merchandise pages you want to know more about, just email the mall the items are located in, or call.

How can I buy something?
Just email or call the mall the item is located in; items are subject to availability. Our merchandise for sale pages are listed from newest to oldest, so it is more likely that something has sold when you are looking through some of the older archive pages (but some items may still be available- don't be afraid to ask!) 

How do I search your website?
Our homepage shows a list of categories of new merchandise for sale. Click on the picture or the link below to see more like the items shown. There are also archive pages showing some older pages of items for sale.

What if I still can't find what I want?
We have had a postcard request list system in place since we opened our doors in 1982. We've expanded it to email. Just email your request- the more specific, the better- to  (or any other mall's email address). We will add you to our request list in the category you're looking for, and we'll be happy to notify you by email or postcard when we get the item in, whichever you prefer.

Can I sell on, or to,
Not at the moment. Our dealers are responsible for stocking their own spaces, and we are not involved with the process. If you are physically present in our malls, some of our dealers give out their business cards and you can contact individual dealers in that manner.

How do you ship?
We ship via UPS unless requested otherwise. We have been moving towards creating individual shipping quotes, as fixed prices were not working as well. Otherwise the quoted price online applies, although you can email us with questions regarding shipping cost. As we have had experience shipping since we started selling around the country via request lists in 1982, we thoroughly wrap and securely box items. Click on "Our Guarantee" for more details regarding shipping, as well as more information about what our guarantee of authenticity means to our customers.

Where is all this great merchandise? What does the mall code mean?
All our merchandise online is located (and available for sale) in dealer's spaces in our four Northwest locations. On the homepage, click on the thumbnail pictures of the malls to the far right, for detailed directions. For detailed information about each of our malls specifically, click on "Who We Are". Here's a quick reference for our mall codes, and contact information:


Mall C: Centralia Square Antique Mall

201 South Pearl Centralia, WA 98531
phone: (360) 736-6406

Mall L: Lafayette Schoolhouse

798 Highway 99 West Lafayette, OR 97127
phone: (503) 864-2720

Mall S: Star Center Antique Mall

829 Second Street Snohomish WA 98290
phone: (360) 568-2131