Scotties: A Most Collectable Canine
Scotty SilhouetteScotty and Kitten on Tophat by Sylvac Pottery
Why is it that of all breeds, representations of Scots Terriers (known to all as scotties) appear to be the most sought after canine collectables?

Perhaps it has to do with the personality of the scottie itself. What other breed displays as many human characteristics as this animated little beast- from his stance and facial expressions to his ability to walk upright when the need suits his purpose. He even seems to think like a human; many portraits of this whimsical little dog reflect these traits.

Although scotties were popular prior to the '20s, it was during these years that they became increasingly visible in the media, in figurines and toys. Along with the fox terrier, another '20s favorite, their strong geometrical conformation appealed stylistically to the Art Deco generation.

It was during President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's term (1933-45) that the popularity of the breed mushroomed. Thanks to his beloved scottie Fala, scotties were seen everywhere- on milk cartons, cartoons, clothing, kitchen equipment, souvenirs… the list is endless. Indeed, there's such a variety in scottie representations that the search for scottie collectables never ends.

Since scottie owners often share many of their pets' personality traits- pride, devotion, and tenacity- serious scottie collectors are forever seeking the Ultimate Scottie Collectable. But just when they've found it, another appears! What's a collector to do? -Bonnie Dixon
Scotty (actually Westie) LampScotty Figurine by Heisey Glass

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