Blenko 1950's Functional Art Glass
Star Center Antique Mall

Snohomish, WA
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This is just a very small selection of the hundreds of pieces of 1950's glass we have available in our three malls. We carry
such areas as Viking, Rainbow, Kenahwa, and Pilgrim.
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Blenko c.1980 15x4 inch threaded rim blue bowl $59.00

Blenko c.1960 "Bubble" floats in various sizes and colors 10.00 each

Huge Blenko 18.5 inch (line discontinued) "Charisma"
dogbone red vase $125.00

13.5 inch Blenko c.1956 gold and charcola bottles
by Wayne Husted $35.00 each

18 inch huge Blenko tangerine decanter c.1960
with scarce stopper $95.00

11 inch Blenko blue "Vineyard" chalice c.1960 $50.00

13.5 inch Blenko sea green hexagonal top
vase produced from 1989-1990 $65.00

10.5 inch Blenko c.1980's yellow opaline vase with blue ripple handles $125.00

15 inch Blenko peacock blue cornucopia c.1965 $100.00

5.5 inch blue
Blenko c.1960  "Vineyard"
small vase $27.50

3.5 inch red c.1960 Blenko lighter $27.00

15 inch c.1990 lilac colored Blenko rooster
decanter $100.00

4.5x7 inch Blenko tangerine c.1960
pitcher $24.00

14x12x3 inch c.1960 Blenko orange "Eye of the Storm"
centerpiece bowl $45.00

12 inch c.1980's clear glass vase with applied forest green bumps and foot $29.00

9 inch c.1980's internal ridge blenko blue
vase $65.00

3x1.5 inch c.1960 amber Blenko candlesticks
$24.00 / Pair

11 inch c.1967 Blenko optic twist peacock
blue vase $45.00

8 inch charcoal colored
c.1960 Blenko
 chalice $36.00

8.5 inch "Cumulus" cloud pitcher in clear
glass $32.00

7.75 inch c.1950's amethyst snake thread
wrap vase $29.00

All Blenko pictured above is located in space #125 of Star Center Antique Mall in Snohomish, WA

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